Faith Sevilla

Faith Sevilla is your Fall 2019 Accounting Association President. She is also a GCC transfer student, a traveler, and a hair enthusiast. Her college life has been such an amazing journey because of the help of people from Accounting Association, and she hopes to share her knowledge with her mentees, friends, and the future of AA. She wants to continue encouraging people to join and be active in any organization on campus. As a transfer student from GCC who was never involved in any club organization, she was enlightened when she saw the dynamic and harmony between fellow students who are helping out each other through the recruiting process, networking events, and accounting classes. She then decided to be part of the Accounting Association and was honored to become one of the Marketing Directors in Spring 2018 where she was able to be creative and informative on AA's social media platform. The following semester, she became the Executive of Operations for AA and because of her strong personality, eagerness to learn, and leadership skills, she was able to make the Meeting Directorship stronger by staring new events, such as evening meetings, study sessions, and bring back the 'Meet AA' event. Last semester, she was the Vice-President of AA, and she was on campus helping out her Meet the Firms and Mentorship Directors while volunteering at the VITA clinic and working as an intern with RSM. As President, she would like to continue traditions and make AA even stronger by working on the improvements that the club should make. Faith enjoys having a busy schedule and being productive. When she’s on vacation, she backpacks for weeks or months and goes to different countries by herself. She’s very independent and strong-minded. Backpacking to many different countries and living like a local made her appreciate the little things she has. She likes getting out of her comfort zone and trying new things because she believes that pushing yourself to be uncomfortable and not limiting yourself will take you far in your personal and professional life. If you see her around, talk to her!



Vice President


Dina Sasoones

Dina Sasoones is the Vice President of the Accounting Association (AA). She graduated high school in 2014 and attended Santa Monica College that same year. Her initial career choice was to be a chef and to own a restaurant. Thus, she majored in Business Management. Her plan was to attend culinary school after graduating with a B.S. in Business Management. After taking financial accounting [as a prerequisite], she changed her major to accounting and decided to be an accountant. She transferred to CSUN in Fall 2016. In Spring 2018, she was the Marketing Director for the Accounting Association. When the semester came close to an end, Fatima Batool (the executive overseeing Dina, as well as the President of AA at the time) helped her acknowledge her leadership skills, and she decided to apply for the Controller position of the Accounting Association for Fall 2018. During the summer of 2018, she had two internships. She was the Accounting Intern at The Bouqs, an E-commerce company. Her other internship was being part of the Stern Service Corp for Senator Henry Stern, who is the Senator for the 27th District of California. During Spring 2019, Dina was the Executive Coordinator of AA, where she oversaw the Evening Events directorship, Monday Meetings directorship, and Wednesday Meetings directorship. Through her passion to help accounting students achieve their goals and be more social in the accounting program, she ran for the vice presidency position. During summer 2019, she interned abroad at a venture capital, called Exit Valley. She gained a lot of knowledge about equity crowdfunding, and she is looking forward to implementing her knowledge in future accounting practices. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her friends and family and be the social butterfly she is known to be.




Thia Colegio

Thia Colegio is the Controller for Fall 2019. She is born and raised in the Philippines and immigrated to the United States with her family in 2015. She is a transfer student from Antelope Valley College where she graduated earned her Associates Degree in Business Administration. During her first semester at CSUN (Fall 2018), she learned about Accounting Association and enthusiastically participated club events where she connected with student mentors and peers. She attended the Mentorship Mixer the same semester and at that point realized how valuable AA’s role is in the academic and professional journey of a student in the accounting program. She understood that by becoming a director, the things she can learn, the connections she can make, and the skills she can develop are endless. The Directorship application email was sent out at the end of the semester, and she applied. In Spring 2019, she was chosen as the Evening Events director. She then decided to take a more active position in the club, and now is the controller. Just like how her mentors supported her when she was recruiting, she aims to support as many students as she can and help them start their journey.




Jesus Vitug



Executive of Operations

Justyne Bandoquillo

Justyne Bandoquillo is the Executive of Operations for Fall 2019. She transferred to CSUN in Fall 2017 from Pierce College. She is currently a senior and on her last semester. Justyne joined the Accounting Association as a member from Fall 2017 to Spring 2018. She then became one of the Monday Meeting Directors for Fall 2018 and the Director of Outreach in Spring 2019 where she gained time management and presentation skills. “The Accounting Association is not just a club; I met my second family,” she said. She is grateful that AA become part of her recruiting process and getting her full-time offer with PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP. Besides her role as an executive, she is also a mentor to other students. One of her passions is giving back to the association by helping other students with recruiting. As the current Executive of Operations, her goal is to give enough information to members about our events and growth in our Social Media platforms.



Executive Administrator

Mary Capati

Mary Caithlin Capati is the Fall 2019 CSUN Accounting Association (AA) Executive Administrator. Before being an accounting student here at CSUN, she studied Electrical Engineering at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo her freshman year. She left school for two years, due to financial circumstances. During that time, she moved to the Bay Area and worked as a 5-axis CNC machinist, making aerospace parts. Towards the end of 2016, she moved back to Los Angeles to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree and switch her major to Accounting. She is a transfer student from Pasadena City College with an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. She joined AA her first semester (Fall 2018) with the intention of making new friends and meeting other accounting students. She then realized the plethora of opportunities AA has to offer and took the initiative to be more involved. She applied to become one of the Charitable Events directors last semester (Spring 2019) and had the privilege of being chosen. This directorship allowed her to network and build a support system of recruiting students, other directors, and AA executives. Last semester, she was guided by a very caring and kind-hearted mentor, Jesus Vitug. His willingness to help and share his experiences have motivated her to do the same. This semester, as an Executive Administrator, one of her goals is to mentor as many members just as she was. She is very excited to meet all of you! So, don’t be shy and come say “Hi”.



Executive Coordinator

Vivian Dang

Vivian Dang is the Executive Coordinator of the Accounting Association (AA) for Fall 2019. After high school she went to university in Northern California to pursue a degree in pharmacy however, she decided that pharmacy wasn’t the field for her and moved home. She then attended Glendale Community College for one year where she earned an Associate’s Degree for Transfer in business administration and transferred to CSUN Fall 2017 to pursue a degree in accounting. Having known nothing about the recruiting process during transfer, she joined the accounting association and from then began to participate in club activities. Vivian became the Director of Charitable Events in Spring 2018, and there gained skills on how to work in groups and execute events to help improve the surrounding LA community. Through being an active member of AA, Vivian was able to gain valuable skills that helped her network and gain a full time offer for fall 2020. During Fall 2018, Vivian became the Director of Student Development with the goal of helping other students advance their careers. Vivian wished to continue to serve the accounting association and so applied for an executive position for Fall 2019 and is now serving as its Executive Coordinator. She hopes to make new connections and to continue to help students develop their networking skills through this executive position.



Executive of Student Relations

Anush Martirosyan

Anush Martirosyan is the Executive of Student Relations for AA for Fall 2019. She was born and raised in Armenia and moved to the U.S five years ago. In Fall of 2018, she transferred to CSUN and in Spring of 2019, became the director of Monday Meetings. Through AA she found great mentors who helped and guided her in her recruiting process, and now her goal is to support and help as many students as she can.

Fun Fact: Her two favorite events are Meet AA and Mentorship Mixer.